Women’s Health


Do you know more women than men are living with a chronic disease? The top health issues affecting women are heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases (like asthma), stroke, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes (CDC). These health challenges take a toll on mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, partners, and friends. Women’s Health supports preventative care, diagnosis, and treatment so all women can live their healthiest, best lives.


Together we’ll support women’s health and wellbeing, including:

  • Reducing breast cancer deaths by 50% in the next ten years
  • Increasing the accuracy and timeliness of Alzheimer’s diagnosis to 90%
  • Reducing death and disability from cardiovascular disease and strokes by 20% by 2020
  • Advancing research into practical solutions that improve the quality of life of those affected by diabetes


  • Start a workplace giving campaign or include Women’s Health in your current campaign
  • Pledge a gift or dedicated match to the cause
  • Increase employee engagement by offering our Women’s Health resources to raise awareness, learn more, or volunteer
  • Involve your customers and community through cause marketing


Walking up the stairs, she felt “pins and needles” in her left leg. A few minutes later, her left arm had the same sensation. Then the left side of her face felt numb.

Lilian’s stroke came six months after
she was diagnosed with high blood
pressure, a leading risk factor for
strokes and heart attacks. Tests after the stroke showed she also had high cholesterol and high triglycerides, other risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

Now, Lilian runs about 4 miles a day, farther on weekends. She also started swimming two years ago and is trying strength training. Those changes led to weight loss: about 25 pounds. They also reduced Lilian’s risk of another stroke.

“I want to have a healthy heart so I can be alive for my children’s weddings and my potential grandchildren,” said Lillian.