About Community Health Charities

For more than 60 years, Community Health Charities has empowered individuals to make the world a better place, by raising awareness and financial resources for health and wellbeing. We are committed to building stronger, healthier communities together.

Our Mission

Community Health Charities exists to empower people to take action to improve health and wellbeing.

Together For Health

  • Making an impact for 60+ years 
  • Partnering with nearly 2,000 nonprofits 
  • Working with 1,600 businesses and organizations 
  • Led by a committed national board of directors from UnitedHealthcare, Comcast, Walmart, Chevron, Kimberly-Clark, Cleveland Cavaliers, and more 
  • Reaching 17 million employees and 1 billion in overall audience annually
  • Raised $1 billion for nonprofit partners through Combined Federal Campaign since inception
  • Raised $300 million through workplace giving over past 5 years


We build coalitions of companies, governments, nonprofits, individuals, and community leaders, and work with businesses to energize employees and promote programs that are tangibly improving health equity and community resilience.


We raise awareness about health and wellbeing, share health resources and employee engagement tools to create greater social impact, and energize corporate and organizational partners to support programs that are actively improving overall population and community health.


We support individuals experiencing health challenges, provide opportunities to initiate positive change through giving and volunteering, and convene public and private sector leaders to share their innovative and promising practices to improve individual and employee health.