Who We Are

Our Mission: Community Health Charities exists to empower people to take action to improve health and wellbeing.

About Community Health Charities

Community Health Charities has been empowering people to improve health and wellbeing for over 60 years, by raising awareness and resources for health and wellness. We support education, treatment, and prevention for those with health challenges; bring organizations together to improve community health; provide individuals with opportunities to get involved; and increase the capacity of nonprofit organizations. For more information, visit healthcharities.org, follow @HealthCharities on Twitter or Facebook, or call 1-800-654-0845.

Our History

In the early 1940s, the federal government began to set up tables where federal employees received their paychecks. The government did this to make it simple for federal employees to make a donation to local charities that were important to them.

In 1957, twelve national health charities banded together to create the National Voluntary Health Agencies™ (NVHA), creating what is known as a federation, a nonprofit organization that represents a category of charities through membership. Today, more than 34 federations work with the federal government’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), which is recognized as the largest workplace giving campaign in the world. It raises more than $265 million each year, and Community Health Charities annually distributes millions of public sector contributions, making it one of the campaign’s largest partners.

In 1983, the idea of a federation also became appealing to corporations in the private sector who wanted to make it easy for their employees to give to local charities. Yet the administrative and clerical costs associated with setting up, managing, and maintaining relationships with dozens of charities to implement such a campaign created a significant burden. Similar to the public sector, 13 national health charities banded together to form the Combined Health Appeal® (CHA) to provide support and services to private sector corporations and conduct workplace giving.

In 1998, NVHA and CHA merged, making Community Health Charities the largest workplace giving collaborative with a focus on health issues.

Today, Community Health Charities is a dynamic nonprofit that raises awareness and financial resources for health and wellbeing. By focusing on the most important health issues, Community Health Charities improves lives—helping individuals, children, and families—provides hope and healing, and builds stronger, healthier communities.