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PIE FIVE PIZZA PARTNERS CREATIVELY WITH CHC DURING CORONAVIRUS CRISIS AND BEYOND Pie Five Pizza in Edmond, Moore and Yukon give back with CHC to build stronger, healthier communities through Give Back Nights, Generosity Jars, and More Oklahoma (March 24, 2020) – Although Pie Five Pizza and Community Health Charities joined forces in early March [...]

Building A Culture Of Empowerment For High Impact

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Embrace a culture of employee empowerment in your workplace. Employees who feel they are trusted and respected by leadership are more passionate about their work and are empowered to make a greater impact towards the organization’s mission. “Ultimately, the real measure of empowering our people is impact. We didn’t invent a new and elaborate system of managing [...]

Increase Employee Retention By Prioritizing Corporate Social Responsibility

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It’s no longer enough for organizations to exist and create a profit—employees are expecting organizations to make a positive impact. Specifically, employees are expecting that their employers provide opportunities to give back to their communities: Employee turnover drops by 57% when employees are deeply connected to their companies giving and volunteering efforts, according to a Benevity Engagement [...]

Heat Up Employee Engagement This July

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Summer barbecues, picnics, and volunteering don’t have to be limited to the weekends: Heat up your employee engagement this summer with our Year-Round Employee Engagement calendar.   Support your community and employee wellbeing with employee engagement programs this month with July’s engagement ideas.      

Can Your Company Afford To Not Prioritize Employee Health?

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Health care costs increased for 79% of organizations between 2016 and 2017. According to one study, organizations save $7 in healthcare costs for every dollar they invest in health programming. Can your company afford to not prioritize health and wellness?. Health and Wellness Programs improve and promote mental and physical health and allow employers to offer fun [...]

Why Pushing For Social Responsibility Is Smart Business

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) isn’t just good for your community—it’s good for your bottom line as well. Incorporating CSR is good business: Stakeholders want transparency Mission-driven businesses get more press Employees are driven by purpose Read the full article on Forbes. Then, connect with us to create strategic partnerships with nonprofits, utilize our online flexible giving platforms, [...]

5 Heart Healthy Habits At Work

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5 Heart Healthy Habits At Work February is American Heart Month. Nearly 85.6 million Americans are living with some form of cardiovascular disease or the after-effects of stroke. Chances are, your coworkers are living with a heart condition or know someone who is. This February, start some heart-healthy habits in your [...]

January 2018

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New Year, New you! Three Ways To Give Back In 2018 This year, don’t make your resolutions about cutting back—make them about giving back. Give yourself mental and physical health. Give your time. Give your support. Read the full article. New Year, stronger, healthier communities. Receiving A Tax Cut? #GiveItBack Congress recently passed a tax bill reducing [...]