Empowering & Educating for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

2019-09-13T12:44:05+00:00April 9, 2019|Blog|

Empowering & Educating for Sexual Assault Awareness Month April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Community Health Charities is empowering individuals to take action by raising awareness about the signs of sexual assault. The 2015 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) reports that more than 1 in 3 women and nearly 1 in 4 [...]

The Health Impact of Loneliness

2019-10-10T15:24:35+00:00December 21, 2018|Blog|

The Health Impact of Loneliness A survey by Cigna conducted in May of 2018 revealed that nearly half of Americans report sometimes or always feeling alone or left out and that Generation Z (adults ages 18-22) is the loneliest generation. “Loneliness has the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, making it even more dangerous [...]

Helping Heroes this Holiday Season

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Helping Heroes this Holiday Season The holidays can be a trying time for many in our community as they face feelings of mourning, loss, or loneliness. For many veterans, episodes of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can surface while newly returning veterans often struggle to readjust to civilian life. In May, President Donald Trump signed an Executive [...]

Five Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

2020-01-22T20:10:11+00:00December 17, 2018|Blog|

Five Tips for Managing Holiday Stress With all the costs, travel, expectations, and family responsibilities associated with the holidays, it is no wonder that 31% of Americans describe the holiday season as “frantic.” Here are some ways to minimize stress and maximize joy so you can better enjoy the holiday season: Take a Deep Breath Even with [...]

EngagementMatters365: Maximize The Impact Of Your Corporate Social Responsibility

2018-05-21T13:05:32+00:00May 21, 2018|Email Newsletter|

CSR PROFESSIONALS: YOU'RE INVITED TO NEW YORK CITY THIS JUNE Join us in New York June 27-28, 2018 for the 17th Annual [email protected] Employee Engagement Summit.  The summit will explore challenges and opportunities facing CSR professionals, including igniting employee activism,  increasing employee activism through NGO partnerships, leveraging CSR marketing channels to demonstrate impact, aligning employee engagement and corporate [...]

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