Through their “Share the Love,” campaign Chef Bruce Rinehart’s Oklahoma restaurants, Rococo and The Manhattan OKC, will donate a percentage of sales one night each month, plus a percentage of special food and drink items throughout the month, to a different featured cause from cancer to children and everything in between.

“We feel honored to be able to give back now through our Share the Love events as we have through other avenues for so many years,” said Rinehart. “We strongly believe in our community and helping whenever and wherever we can, and personally, we want to teach our boys to do the same. We really appreciate this partnership with Community Health Charities and the tremendous impact it is having in our local community.”

Rinehart’s restaurants highlight Community Health Charities and causes through various promotions and events, including football game watch parties and entering patrons who brought an item from a charity’s wish list to the restaurant into a drawing for a $100 gift card to Rococo.

“Our partnership with Chef Rinehart and his restaurants makes a difference to so many good causes,” said Thomas G. Bognanno, president and CEO of Community Health Charities. “We’re proud to partner and raise awareness and funds together to improve health and build stronger communities.”

Chef Bruce Rinehart spent the beginning of his more than 30-year long career learning from the best kitchens all across America. His passion, however, is in his home in Oklahoma City, as evidenced by his numerous charitable works and his 2012 Beacon Award for Most Charitable Influence, and his new partnership with Community Health Charities to “Share the Love.”

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