Six-year-old Nico was diagnosed with diabetes in 2014. The diagnosis meant that his mother, Jodi, had to quickly learn about diabetes, including how to care for Nico on a daily basis, give him insulin shots, and spot the warning signs of a diabetic emergency.

The school feared a lawsuit if any of its school staff gave Nico his shots, so Jodi became his caregiver at school. She traveled from her home office to Nico’s school around noon each day to give him an insulin shot. This continued for several months. Because nobody at the school was trained about diabetes, Nico was also unable to participate in after-school programs and activities.

The entire situation was frustrating for the family and Nico.  Jodi contacted American Diabetes Association for help, and learned about Nico’s rights. Under federal law, Nico’s school had to provide him proper diabetic care. School staff were trained in diabetic care, giving Nico and his family the support they need.