Liberty Diversified International Celebrates 100 Years By Giving Back

Liberty Diversified International (LDI), a Community Health Charities corporate partner, celebrated their 100 year anniversary celebration this July. The celebration consisted of a 19 day “Great Gratitude Tour,” where the organization gave back to 17 cities and boasted millions of dollars in giving. The bus tour began in New York, went as far as California, and concluded with a Grand Finale in Minnesota.

On Friday, July 20 the tour concluded with a Grand Finale that presented 15 LDI nonprofit partners with gratitude grants, including Community Health Charities and four of our nonprofit partners.  Beginning at 10:18 AM, LDI gave gratitude grants to each of the nonprofit partners every hour at the 18th minute; 18 signifies life in the Jewish faith.

We’re proud to be partners with an organization so focused on building stronger, healthier communities across the country.

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