The third time Judy Halter heard the words, “You have cancer,” she panicked. “I knew there was a possibility that my time here could definitely be shortened,” she said. But even more than her diagnosis of bladder cancer, Judy says she worried about how she was going to get to treatment.

At age 76,  Judy no longer drove more than a few miles away from home for fear of getting lost and had no way of getting to all her appointments.  “I didn’t know what I was going to do,” said Halter. In desperation, she called American Cancer Society asking for guidance. Judy was immediately connected to a program that could help. Through the program, volunteers donate their spare time and personal vehicle to drive cancer patients in their community to treatment appointments. Judy was matched with two drivers who had both been cancer patients themselves.

Since she began treatment a year and a half ago, Judy says she has never missed an appointment.