Ho, Ho, Ho: Healthy Holiday Travel

The holidays are a wonderful time to visit family and friends. If you plan to travel and look and feel your best, follow these tips to keep your energy up and your immune system strong:

  • Cover your cough and wash your hands often
  • Bundle up by dressing in removeable layers
  • Wear your seatbelt
  • Be sure to get your Zzzzs and stay on a regular schedule if possible
  • Continue to exercise; visit our exercise resources or active winter ideas
  • Get the flu shot and browse our list of flu resources
  • Limit your alcohol consumption and avoid overeating
  • Prepare for unexpected delays by packing movies, books/e-books, mind games and puzzles, or other items to occupy your time (don’t forget your earphones!)
  • Bring healthy snacks (think protein and high-fiber foods like nuts, dried fruit, or cheese) and be sure to drink lots of water to avoid becoming dehydrated and hangry
  • Manage your stress through breathing or meditation – you can do this anywhere, any time to lower your heart rate
  • Give yourself plenty of time to prevent having to frantically rush through the airport or stress about traffic

Need a little more encouragement? Listen to The 12 Ways to Health holiday song from the CDC.

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