Healthy Holiday Recipes

Whether you’re attending a holiday potluck or cooking for family gatherings, it’s often hard to make the meal healthy. Check out these crowd-pleasing healthy recipes from our nonprofit partners American Heart Association and American Cancer Society, plus the Mayo Clinic.


Avocado Blueberry Muffins – substitute avocado for the butter or oil for a scrumptious breakfast muffin

Banana Bread Smoothie – whether as a breakfast treat or a dessert, the oats in this recipe are healthy for your heart

Breakfast Burritos – a low-cal version that uses an unusual ingredient we guarantee you already have in your pantry to make light, fluffy scrambled eggs

Cauliflower Quiche – your guests will never know about the hidden main ingredient in this recipe

Greek Frittata – a Mediterranean flavor infused brunch recipe you can make in a slow cooker

Morning Glory Muffins – using whole-wheat flour and applesauce, this recipe packs warm flavors

Popovers – this four-ingredient breakfast treat is quick and easy to customize with toppings such as salsa, avocados, pico, and cheese

Pumpkin Oat Muffins – low in fat and loaded with vitamin A and fiber, pumpkins are good for more than just fall decor

Sliced Fruit with Honey-Vanilla Yogurt Dip – any fruit can be dunked into this American, no-cook yogurt dip

Steamed Pumpkin Bread – a moist and delicious update to the traditional steamed brown bread recipe


Caprese Kebabs – an easy appetizer that combines the colors of the season: red cherry tomatoes, green basil, and white mozzarella

Creamy Spinach Feta Dip – a lighter, heart-healthy version of the favorite dip sure to change the mind of any spinach “disliker”

Crunchy Cucumber-Dill Salad – this dish provides a refreshing option that doesn’t weigh you down

Festive Tuna Roll-Ups – Bright red and green pepper rings dress up this easy appetizer

Ginger-Pumpkin Bisque – This recipe adds richness without the fat of heavy cream


Acorn Squash Wedges with Walnuts – this slow cook recipe incorporates a brown sugar and walnut sauce that makes “browning” simple

Baked Mushroom Mac-n-Cheese – create this comfort food staple with a healthy twist

Cauliflower Mash – this side tastes so much like mashed potatoes that no one but you will know the truth

Creole-Style Black-Eyed Peas – It’s believed black eyed peas bring good fortune when eaten on New Year’s Eve; the beans in this dish are an excellent source of folate and fortune!

Green Bean Casserole – this recipe includes a homemade white sauce instead of canned cream of mushroom soup, which cuts the sodium significantly without sacrificing flavor

Maple Syrup-Glazed Sweet Potato Casserole – slash the calories of this classic dish by incorporating whipped egg whites for a light and healthy side

Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower – add crunch to your meal with this flavorful and eye-pleasing dish

Simple Squash Salad – a light dish you can serve hot or cold


Curried Pork Tenderloin with Cranberry Chutney – the sweet and tart cranberries add a seasonal twist to this holiday meal

Festive Turkey Rice Salad – use your leftover turkey to make this quick, two-step meal

Herb-rubbed Turkey Au Jus – instead of adding butter to the turkey and serving it with gravy, this healthy version is complemented with an herbal run and a flavorful au jus

Mom’s Roasted Turkey with Butternut Squash and Asparagus

Pork Tenderloin with Cranberry Salsa – pineapples, cranberries and cinnamon combine in a tangy salsa that great’s for winter holidays

Orange-Rosemary Roasted Chicken – The piney flavor of fresh rosemary makes for a festive addition

Turkey Medallions with Sweet Potato-Walnut Mash – a festive one-skillet dinner that’s delicious any time of year and easy enough for a weeknight


Apple Bread Pudding – whole grain bread, apples and cinnamon make a sweet dessert that is healthy too!

Baked Apples and Pears with Almonds – this dessert uses honey and fruit to satisfy any sweet cravings without the guilt

Baked Sweet Potatoes and Apples – this warm seasonal recipe makes a great breakfast dish, side dish, or dessert

Cheese Latkes – top this dessert with fresh fruit for a healthy and warm end of meal treat

Honey and Spiced Pears – a delicate and easy dessert using seasonal fruit

Fruited Rice Pudding – make this protein-packed dessert ahead of time, refrigerate and serve cold or serve it straight from the oven and warm

Mint-Chocolate Meringue Cookies – bite-size cookies bursting with flavor you would never guess were low in calories and fat

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