SFM Mutual Insurance Works Hands-On To Give Back 








Workplace giving isn’t solely about meeting CSR or company goals—it’s engaging employees by helping them give back to their communities.

SFM Mutual Insurance knows this first hand. For their second annual giving campaign with Community Health Charities, the company focused on giving employees the opportunity to work hands-on with the charity partners they support.

Read SFM Mutual Insurance’s full story and how other Community Health Charities company partners are engaging with their employees.

Thank You, Jaxport








Jaxport, a full-service international trade seaport in Northeast Florida, presented Community Health Charities and other partners with $40,000 from their 2017 Charity Drive. Over the past ten years, employees have raised more than half a million dollars supporting North Eastern Florida.

Celebrate Your Health







February is American Heart Month. Nearly 85.6 million Americans are living with some form of cardiovascular disease or the after-effects of stroke. Chances are, your coworkers are living with a heart condition or know someone who is. This February, start some heart-healthy habits in your workplace.

March is National Kidney Month: Celebrate your kidneys this month by keeping them healthy with National Kidney Foundation’s Tips on How to Heart Your Kidneys.

American Diabetes Association Inspires New Giving Campaigns







Two companies, Carman and Munich, started employee giving campaigns with Community Health Charities thanks to American Diabetes Association recommending us on their website. Be sure to talk about your partnership with Community Health Charities in your communications to encourage more organizations to join. The more we work together, the more we can improve health and wellbeing

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Volunteer Toolbox: Max Straps







This month’s featured tool is the Mask Straps—they are used to improve the comfort level for patients required to wear masks to prevent the spread of infection or protect patients from infection. These mask straps replace the elastic band that comes standard on the mask. Patients say that flannel and fleece material feel much better against their cheek and cause far less rubbing than the original elastic band.

This volunteer idea, and many more, are available in our “Volunteer On the Spot” toolkit.

Campaign Resources: Olympics-Themed Campaign Plan 

This month’s featured campaign resource is the Olympics-Themed Campaign PlanKick off your workplace giving campaign with a breakfast of champions; host office competitions complete with gold, silver, and bronze medals; and hold a closing ceremony.  For more details and to explore the rest of our campaign tools, ideas, and guidelines, check out our Campaign Resources.