According to Forbes, 77% of employees believe health and wellness programs positively impact the culture at work, yet only 55% of organizations practice workplace wellness initiatives—Is your company one of the few not valuing employee wellbeing?

Dakota Electric Association leadership values employee wellness, focusing on keeping employees healthy and engaged all year—not exclusively during workplace giving campaigns.

At Dakota Electric, leadership listens to employees and their health concerns, and then invites local Minnesota Community Health Charities’ charity partners to the office for educational programs. Employees interact with the health issues that are important to them, engage with local charities, and learn healthy practices to use in their own lives. Dakota Electric holds these educational wellness events throughout the year.

Dakota Electric’s consistent focus on health culminated during their 2017 week-long workplace giving campaign, Dakota Cares, with employees raising over $29,000 for Community Health Charities and other charities. Dakota Electric employees hosted a pledge drive and a variety of fundraising events, such as a sporting clay shoot, silent auctions, special meals, and more.

“The employees stepped up to the challenge” President and CEO Greg Miller said. “It’s nice we can raise a significant amount of money to support these great causes. My thanks to the committee for all their hard work.”


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