Community Health Charities Employees #CauseAnImpact On Their Communities

Community Health Charities doesn’t just help our corporate partners build stronger, healthier employees—we help our employees give back to the causes they’re passionate about as well.

From Thursday, August 2 to Friday, August 10, Community Health Charities employees participated in the #CauseAnImpact Employee Engagement and Giving campaign. Employees practiced work-life balance by cooking healthy meals with their families, took mental health breaks throughout the day, and prioritized their wellbeing.

The campaign began and ended with Mission Moments: Two charity partners, Jessie Rees Foundation and Pet Partners, spoke with Community Health Charities and shared the impact employees could have through charitable giving.

“Our culture of giving is changing dramatically. In order to feel compelled to give back, the employees should feel more involved. Listening to the stories of our charity partners connects them back to the reasons why we give and how that support changes our community in such a positive and helpful way,” said Amanda Williams, Development Operations Specialist.

The campaign ended with a potluck celebration, where employees shared the healthy meals they learned to make during the campaign.

Looking to establish your own workplace giving campaign? Contact us and utilize our campaign resources for guidelines from start to finish, including engagement ideas, goal setting, and volunteering-in office.


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