Charitable Giving Guidelines For Small Businesses

If your small business is looking to incorporate workplace giving into your company’s culture, consider the following guidelines from BBB Wise Giving Alliance:

  • Verify the charities’ tax-exempt status.
  • Keep in mind state registration requirements for charities.
  • Be wary of excessive pressure.
  • Confirm the amount donated from benefit dinners and performance tickets.
  • Confirm with charities before establishing clothing bins and coin collection boxes.
  • Receive cause-related marketing disclosures before using a charities’ name in promotions.
  • See if the charity meets BBB Charity Standards.

Read the BBB Wise Giving Alliance article.

All of Community Health Charities’ more than 2,000 nonprofit partners have been approved by BBB Wise Giving Alliance and meet high standards of transparency and conduct, especially in workplace giving campaigns.  We work with many small and mid-size businesses establishing workplace giving campaigns, offering giving options, causes, volunteer opportunities, health resources, strategic partnerships, campaign resources, and more to help you engage your employees and customers while impacting communities. Contact us to learn more.