Health Disparities

Help those who need it most

Too many individuals, children, and families can’t get the help they need or are disproportionately affected by poor health due to their economic status, race or ethnicity, where they live, and other factors outside their control. These vulnerable, disadvantaged populations are much more likely to live with a long-term health issue. But you can help change that.

The Impact

Together we can increase health equity for everyone:

  • Reducing infant mortality rates for black women by 35%
  • Developing a broadly applicable HIV cure by 2020
  • Keeping keep homeless youth off the streets and providing them guidance to live successful, independent lives
  • Bringing healthcare to the 1 in 4 children who don’t have access to essential healthcare with a pediatric mobile clinic

Margo’s Story

Margo Solomon has health insurance for herself and her four children.

But actually getting treatment is another matter.

Ms. Solomon, a 35-year-old mother from the Bronx, says she has struggled to find a doctor who accepts her insurance. And with three of her children coping with asthma, and one with more complicated medical problems, locating a specialist is even more challenging. And once in the door, she cannot afford the costs, including deductibles and medications.

“I feel like I am all alone out here,” Ms. Solomon said.

She is not alone. Thanks to the pediatric mobile clinic, health care is within reach for those who do not normally have access to the help they need. Read the full NY Times report.