Every day, 160,000 students skip school for fear of being bullied. Bullied children are more likely to drop out of school before graduating, are more likely to struggle with depression, and unfortunately, risk turning into bullies themselves. Every child is susceptible to bullying; but children with disabilities and special needs are among the most vulnerable. In extreme cases, bullying has led to suicide or violence. No child should suffer like this. Stand with us to End Bullying now and keep all children safe at school.

The Impact

You can help empower students:

  • Make school a safe space that helps children learn and thrive
  • Reduce the number of students who consider suicide or attempt it
  • Prevent the health issues that result from bullying—depression, anxiety,  changes in eating patterns, and fatigue
  • Develop programs that recognize the signs of bullying in school and work on prevention

What You Can Do

  • Start a workplace giving campaign or include End Bullying in your current campaign
  • Pledge a gift or dedicated match to the cause
  • Increase employee engagement by offering our End Bullying resources to raise awareness, learn more or volunteer
  • Involve your customers and community through cause marketing

One Story

“As a former bully victim, I find this issue of extreme importance. I wanted to show the school that yes, bullying still happens, especially in our school. I wanted everyone to experience being with different people and embracing their differences. I want to continue to help acknowledge that this issue is of extreme importance so that we can minimize the numbers of depressed, anxiety-ridden, and suicidal preteens and teens in our nation.”

~Anonymous student

This story was originally published on autismspeaks.org.