Building a Healthier Workforce

During our daily commute to work or school, most of us take for granted the numerous healthy resources – hospitals, urgent care facilities, doctors’ offices, dentist’s offices, mental health professionals, grocery stores, produce stands and farmer’s markets, parks and playgrounds, safe neighborhoods and schools – that we have access to.

For more than 25 million Americans, these are luxuries, as they lack access to a grocery store or must travel as far as 200 miles for a doctor’s appointment. Many people simply don’t have access to public transportation or a vehicle. These access, inequity and transportation factors impact individual, family and community health.

That’s why Community Health Charities has been hosting the Future of Workforce and Community Health convenings, bringing public and private sector leaders together to discuss the social determinants of health – factors such as inequity or lack of access that impact health—as well as to promote programs that are working, and share in solutions-oriented conversations to improve employee health and overall community resilience.

Check out the learnings from our Atlanta and New York convenings:

Many companies lack the resources, support or knowledge to develop a strategy that can support both their employees and communities. That’s why we provide health resources from our nonprofit partners, a Health and Wellness Guide, and many other tools to engage employees and build a stronger, healthier community. For more information, visit