Ball Aerospace Grant Helps Support Local Communities

Community Health Charities (CHC) was honored to be selected by Ball Aerospace in Broomfield, Colorado as a beneficiary of their COVID-19 relief program. The grant received by CHC was part of Ball Corporation’s worldwide COVID-19 relief program which donated $5 million to support their local communities.

CHC was one of the charities selected in Colorado for its ability to address COVID-19 related challenges and provide impactful support to the community. Each of Ball’s locations in North and South America, Europe and Asia received a portion of the total donation to invest to meet the unique needs of their local communities, as the impacts of the pandemic evolve. Each region decided how best to allocate the funds locally to provide critical support for medical supplies, food security, small businesses, and at-risk communities.

The funds granted to CHC will help support at-risk communities and provide medical services and supplies to those in need in the Denver area. CHC proudly partners with 50 charities in Colorado and over 2,000 charities nationwide to promote impactful change and help build stronger, healthier communities.


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