Our focus at the Arthritis Foundation is on a dynamic and multifaceted approach to conquering arthritis.

Our broad network of advocates is fighting to change state and federal legislation to make accessing treatments easier for patients. Our teams and extensive network of volunteers are present in local communities providing daily support for people across the country. We are creating tools and resources to help people live better now. And all the while, we are pursuing vital research to create new diagnostics, treatments and, ultimately, find a cure.

Many people know that arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the U.S., and affects more than 50 million Americans. But often overlooked or misunderstood is the population of children – an estimated 300,000 kids – who deal with this disease daily. (JA) creates unique challenges for families. From missed school days to feeling isolated from other children – from the ongoing need for shots and visits to the doctor, and even a nationwide shortage of doctors who treat the disease – JA families are challenged each day to overcome barriers most of us can’t even begin to fathom.

Because we recognize the needs of these families are unique and pressing, the Arthritis Foundation provides a plethora of resources to the children and families across this country that live every day with the effects of JA.

JA Research

Our commitment to conquering pediatric rheumatic diseases is unwavering. We have pledged $23.5 million in funding to JA research through the Childhood Arthritis & Rheumatology Research Alliance (CARRA). Data collection has already begun at CARRA and in one year alone, more than 60 new discoveries and insights into pediatric rheumatology have been made. This is life-changing research that will directly benefit the families we serve. The Arthritis Foundation continues to explore opportunities to invest in JA research and we’ve partnered with leading research organizations to do so.

JA Camps

Each year, we host approximately 50 JA camps nationwide – an incredibly meaningful experience that brings kids with JA together to make lasting memories. Surrounded by others like them while engaging in activities designed just for them, JA kids have a place to call home at our JA camps.

And through our partnership with Community Health Charities, companies and employees can support current JA camps and expand our existing network thanks to their new Camps for Kids with Health Challenges cause fund.

These camps are a source of togetherness, camaraderie and friendship for kids who often don’t get to meet and interact with others like them. We have heard from countless families about how important these camps are for their children.

JA Conference

The Arthritis Foundation’s JA Conference is an annual event that touches the lives of thousands of families. This year, we hosted two national JA Conferences to meet the needs of our diverse and broad JA community. Marked by sessions filled with opportunities to learn, grow and feel empowered, the JA Conference is a way we bring families together yearly so they don’t feel alone, and so they can share and grow with others like them.

Daily JA Support

Our website dedicated to pediatric conditions, KidsGetArthritisToo.org, and tools like our JA Power Packs provide families with additional resources for the daily help and support they need – and to feel better, and live better, each day.

At the Arthritis Foundation, we recognize that the needs of families living with juvenile arthritis are unique. And we will continue fighting every day to support those needs while pursuing the path to a cure. We are here for you. We are all family.

To learn more, please visit www.arthritis.org.