3 Healthy Food Habits to Adopt in the New Year

It’s the New Year, and many of us will resolve to eat healthier. We might substitute fruit for candy as our 3pm snack, or start a health cleanse. Check out three easy habits to try for better nutrition and overall better health.

1. Skip the soda, sports and fruit drinks. Drink water instead: Here’s why:

2. Eat more whole grain bread and pasta. Several food chains have now jumped on the whole grain food train and so should you!

  • Subway, Bertucci’s, Carraba’s and Noodles & Company serve whole-grain pasta dishes.
  • Subway, Roti and Arby’s serve whole grain sandwich or pita bread, and several pizza chains including California Pizza Kitchen now offer whole grain pizza crust.
  • For a list of restaurants and food chains that serve whole grains, you can view this guide by the Whole Grains Council.

3. Make better breakfast choices:

  • Stay away from donuts, muffins, or granola bars high in sugar when opting for a quick breakfast. These foods are loaded with fat and sugar and can quickly add inches to your waistline.
  • A better alternative is oatmeal, cold cereal or a whole-grain English muffin or bagel. While all contain carbs, oatmeal and whole-grain cereals, muffins and bagels provide a helping of fiber and 75% less sugar – which not only helps your waistline, but is better for your heart, blood pressure, and risk of stroke. It can also lower your diabetes risk and so much more!

Making a major change to your eating is never easy. So just start small with one change every month. For more resources on healthy eating and what is in the foods you eat, visit nutrition.gov.

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