If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, it can be overwhelming and frightening. You may have questions about the
disease and what that means–This ZERO Toolkit guide you through the process.

To help men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, ZERO, in partnership with the Patient Advocate Foundation, created
a new program, ZERO360: Comprehensive Patient Support. Launched in October 2016, ZERO Case Study provides free, confidential expertise
to help guide patients through their cancer journeys. For some, that means consistent access to prescribed treatments and therapies, help making treatment decisions, and a better understanding of their coverage options. For others, it’s help accessing financial resources to pay for treatment, and support for other needs patients encounter from diagnosis to survivorship.

Hearing the words you have prostate cancer can be overwhelming. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with or is being treated for prostate
cancer, you probably have many questions. You may not know where to turn. The ZERO team is here to help you navigate your journey forward. We hear a lot from patients and their families about the challenges they face in fighting prostate cancer. Whether you need help understanding your coverage options, finding sources of financial aid, or resolving issues with your insurance company, we are here to help. This postcard has all our contact information.


A prostate cancer diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming, but finding helpful resources to aid in your fight shouldn’t be. ZERO developed this guide for newly- diagnosed men and their families to help cut through the clutter and provide clear, easy to digest information about prostate cancer tailored for someone like you who is just beginning his journey.

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