Every state in the U.S. is now affected by Zika virus, with more than 3,000 reported cases.

Zika is a Dangerous Virus

Zika can result from the bite of an infected mosquito, but is also transmitted sexually and through blood transfusions. When a pregnant woman is infected, her baby is at serious risk for microcephaly (an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain) and a wide range of neurological and developmental abnormalities.

We must act now to control the spread of Zika as well as to protect future generations who could be affected for the rest of their lives.

Your donation will support prevention and response activities, such as:

  • National and local efforts to reduce Zika exposure
  • Providing educational resources and caregiver support, particularly maternal and neonatal, to prevent Zika births
  • Funding national research to contain Zika and find a cure

Join us in making a difference. Thank you.